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IC Programmer's Kit Roadmap


Welcome to the Internet Config Programmer Kit. This document describes the IC Programmer's Kit in broad detail, and gives an outline of programming with Internet Config.

If you have not programmed with Internet Config before, this is the place to start!

If have programmed Internet Config before, you should check out the Internet Config Programmer's Kit Release Notes document, which describes the important changes between IC 1.x and IC 2.0.

Full programming reference material for Internet Config can be found in the Internet Config Programmer's Documentation.

Packing List

Apart from this document, the top level of the IC Programmer's Kit contains the following items:

Getting Started With Internet Config

If you're new to Internet Config, you'll probably be interested in a quick summary of how to get your application up and running.


If you're programming in C or C++, you should include "InternetConfig.h". If you're programming in Pascal, you should add "InternetConfig.p" to your project and use the InternetConfig unit.


If you are building a PPC or CFM-68K program, you should add InternetConfigLib to your project.

If you are building a classic 68K program, you should add "ICGlue.o" [or "ICGlueFar.o" for far model projects] to your project.

Two important notes about libraries:

Checking For Availability

To check for IC's availability, just call ICStart (described below) and check the error result. In addition, before calling ICStart, CFM clients that have weak linked with InternetConfigLib should also check whether they were successfully linked by comparing the ICStart symbol to kUnresolvedCFragSymbolAddress.

IC 2.0 and above install a Gestalt selector ('ICAp'), but this only tells you that IC is installed, not whether you can use it (there may not be enough memory to load it), so you must use the above process rather than relying on Gestalt.

Using the IC API

The best way to get a quick grasp on how to use the IC API is to look at one of the examples. These range from the very easy to the somewhat complex:

End Matter

If you find a bug in Internet Config then please forward details to the official support address for Internet Config. Please read the Internet Config FAQ before sending messages to this address. If you want to discuss Internet Config in general then I suggest you host that discussion on the comp.sys.mac.comm newsgroup.

If you want to discuss issues related to programming IC, please hold the discussion on the Internet Config programmers list. Instructions for joining this list are given in the FAQ.

Good luck with your IC programming efforts!

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